121 Tutoring

121 Tutors provide personalised One-to-One or small-group tutoring sessions designed specifically to support or extend students in any area of learning they require.  

Our experienced Tutors are trained in the New Zealand Curriculum, and are dedicated to ensuring the success and achievement of their students.  We are able to provide tutors for Primary, Intermediate and Secondary students.

121’s signature tutoring takes place in the comfort of your own home (or agreed location) with a tutor that has been handpicked to meet your child’s specific needs or requirements, whether it is to provide support in a specific subject, or help towards achieving goals such as NCEA Excellence.

To support the success of our students, we also offer Holiday ‘School-Skills’ Workshops and ESOL Conversation Classes for primary aged children. 

We are committed to providing the tools for every child to experience success in their education and encourage you to call us or contact us to find out what we can do for you.