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121 Tutors was born from a desire to provide effective, engaging and personalised tutoring services to the many students who often need a little more ‘one-to-one’ time with their teacher.


Schools are busy places these days, and nothing boosts a student's confidence like feeling successful in their learning, as well as knowing they can participate fully in class and enjoy their education.


Since conception, 121 Tutors has grown from a North Shore based service to include the wider Auckland area. Due to demand for services outside of Auckland, we also provide online tutoring which allows access to a greater range of tutors and specialists throughout New Zealand.


Our goal is to provide a personalised tutoring experience; one which tailors both the content and delivery to suit your child, as well as to provide tutors who will suit your child’s learning needs and personality.


121 Tutors is operated by a team who are passionate and enthusiastic when it comes to providing the highest possible quality education to students. They ensure the tutor working with your child has access to the latest research, curriculum content, teaching knowledge, and resources so that your child gets the best possible one-to-one support possible.

Private learning, tutoring sessions, gain confidence with one to one help
Online tutors available across New Zealand

Amber has only been having tutoring for one term with Briana. Already she feels more confident with maths. She tells me "Briana makes it fun." I'm really pleased we have started with 121 Tutors.

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