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Tips for finding the best tutor for you!

Online tutoring - most students will learn just as well with online sessions as they will with in person tutoring. Online is still on a one-to-one basis and will give you access to the best tutors across the country, not just those within driving distance. There are not always local tutors who can teach the subjects you require, online tutoring can also be arranged at short notice if extra sessions are needed.

In person tutoring - This is currently only available in Auckland. While we recommend our online sessions highly, if you need face to face lessons please be prepared to travel to a mutually convenient location to meet the tutor if your home is not within our tutors local area. Due to travel times there could be an extra charge added to the hourly rate.

Times -  try to be available as many times/days as possible, Good tutors are are heavily in demand and will have limited availability. By being flexible we'll have a much better chance of being able to help.

Tutors expertise - If you're seeking tutoring across different subjects please remember this will usually mean you'll need more than one tutor - although they're great, out tutors have their limits!  

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