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So, you're interested in joining 121 Tutors team? Here are a few more details... 


Face to Face Tutoring:


We receive tutoring requests from all across Auckland. We offer these students to the tutors currently ‘on our books’ and it is up to you to decide if you are able to, and interested in tutoring particular students.


Where possible, we try to arrange a local library or other mutually convenient location for tutoring. If local, you may tutor at the student’s home, or if you are set up for it, you may offer tutoring at your home. 


Online Tutoring:

Online tutoring reduces the barriers of location and distance, and opens up a much wider opportunity as a tutor. Depending on your requirements tutors can select their own online platform, including but not limited to; Zoom (small monthly subscription fee), Google Meets (free but you need a gmail account), and Microsoft Teams.


Tutoring hours:


Most tutoring requests are between the hours of 3pm and 7pm weeknights. We receive some, but not many weekend and school holiday requests. 


You will tutor your student in a regular time slot, i.e. 4pm on a Tuesday. If something comes up and you or your student can’t make a regular session, you discuss with the family and set an alternative time.


We work to the school terms (i.e. blocks of 10 weeks tutoring, and then 2 weeks holiday) so if you commit to taking on a student, you commit to tutoring at least the rest of that school term, ideally for the rest of the year. 


Make a difference:


As teachers ourselves, we know the difference some one-on-one instruction can make in a child’s education. We provide our students the time, space, and different ways of learning that they may need, but don’t always get in class. We receive requests from families that want either support for struggling students, extension for high achievers, or exam preparation for high school students.

How it works:


Families let our office know their requirements for tutoring, and we reach out to suitable tutors we have on file to see if they would like a new student. You can then accept or decline the student, and this is how our tutors build up students over time. Some of our tutors work 2 hours a week, and some have built up to 12 hours, it’s up to you!


You, as the tutor decide what to teach, when and how. We are here to support you with resources, websites and ideas, but ultimately you are the tutor and will be working with your student to identify areas of need and support them in their learning.


We also provide access to a fantastic 121 Tutor’s website which gives you links to assessments you can use, resources (text books) we can provide to you, and excellent websites. It also provides you with ideas on how to structure sessions, use goal-setting to support your progress, and keep communication going with the family. There are lots of other handy tips and tricks, plus we are only a phone call or email away!


Joining the 121 team:


We hire a range of tutors, from university students who can help with specific exam preparation, to experienced teacher aides, teachers and tutors. Different students have different requirements, and it is our job to match the right tutor to the student’s needs. 

Other FAQs:


  • Pay rates: Hourly rates depend on your level of tutoring experience and will be discussed with you upon a successful phone or Zoom interview.

  • Pay process: Once your IRD number and bank account are submitted to us via an online form, you will be paid on a fortnightly cycle, your pay being deposited to your account on a Monday. 

  • Cancellations: When reasonable notice is given by the family, a catch-up session is arranged, otherwise the session is charged to the client, and you are paid. 

  • Paper work: Once on board, you will receive a contract to sign and return, as well as a Police Vetting form. You will also be given a timesheet template to record your hours.

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